Cross-border program

Programme Objective
The Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme’s main objective is to promote sustainable and equal socio-economic development in border regions to make it competitive for economical and business development and attractive for living and visiting.
Programme Priorities
Priority I – Encouragement of socio-economic development and competitiveness of the region
This priority promotes entrepreneurship, labour market and R&T development and improvement of internal and external accessibility of the border regions.
Directions for Support:

  1. Facilitating Business, Labour Market and Research and Technology Development
  2. Improvement of Internal and External Accessibility of the Border Region

Priority II - Attractive living environment and development of sustainable community
This priority promotes enhancing joint management of public services and natural resources, increasing the attractiveness of the border region and development of active and sustainable communities.
Directions for Support:

  1. Enhancing Joint Management of Public Services and Natural Resources
  2. Increasing Attractiveness of the Border Region
  3. Development of Active and Sustainable Communities (small project facility)

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