The project

Effective mechanism for implementing solar energy
in Kurzeme and Klaipeda:
Duration: 10/2010-9/2011
Budget: 230 950 € / ERDF (85%): 196 308 €
Lead Partner: Biedrība Saules enerģijas domnīca (NGO Solar Energy Think Tank)
Project Partner: Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas (VGTU) (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)

Project summary:

The solar radiation statistics maps show that Kurzeme and Klaipeda have a considerably high potential in solar energy facilitation, however, so far the region has failed to implement solar energy usage in practice, because of its underdeveloped national and regional support mechanisms. Solar Energy Think Tank and VGTU will be brought together in a cross border Project SOLAR THINK TANK to conduct a research on the most effective solar energy implementation mechanism and design a common solar energy strategy for Kurzeme and Klaipeda districts.


Overall objective of the Project is to facilitate use of solar energy in the most solar radiated regions of Latvia and Lithuania. Project sub-objectives include:

  • to collect and analyze information on normative regulation of other Baltic Sea countries and possible use of solar technologies in Kurzeme and Klaipeda;
  • to propose suggestions on fostering solar energy to the responsible parties in national and regional levels of Latvia and Lithuania;
  • to conduct an experimental collection of solar energy in Kurzeme and Klaipeda;
  • to inform the society of Latvia and Lithuania about the most efficient ways of applying solar energy to produce electricity.

Proposed results:

By developing one common strategy for regions and educating inhabitants as well as municipalities, the awareness of solar energy potential in the area will be increased and motivation for the target group to change its habits by choosing nature friendly solar technologies for energy creation in their everyday life will be enhanced. 


Final research and strategy documents:

You can download the research and strategy by clicking here.