SETT presents the data on the amount of electricity produced by solar panels in Kolka

The data on the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels in Kolka throughout January to June is presented here.

SETT presents the research and strategy

You can download SETT's research and strategy in the Section: "About the project" > "The Project", or click here.

You can download SETT seminar presentations in this website Section: "About the Project" > "Informative Materials", or click here.

On 29 December Solar Energy Think Tank in cooperation with SIA Kolkasrags organised official opening of the Smart Solar lamp installation in Kolkasrags. The Openning was attended by local, regional and National media, including LTV1, Talsu TV and Latvian Radio. The Major of Dundega Municipality Ms.Gunta Abaja together with General Manager of SIA Kolkasrags Mr.Jānis Dambītis represented the local project partners thanks to whom the Project was successfully implemented. The opening was also attended by local community representatives. Nevertheless, the cloudy and windy afternoon the Smart Solar lamps of Kolkasrags delivered bright light in the dark outscirts of the Slītere National Park. (click here).

On 20 December Solar Energy Think Tank in cooperation with Liepāja Municipality organised a Conference in Liepāja University. The Opening speech was delivered by the Vice-Major of Liepaja City Mr.Gunārs Ansiņš, who also presented Liepaja city Solar Achievments and experience with 2 recent Solar installations. The key speech was delivered by Mr.Didzis Dejus from Renewable Energy Consultancy company EkoDarbi, who brought up the Topic of Latvia Solar Map, and summarised the planned Solar installations in Latvia for 2012 (approved under KPFI financing). The results are astonishing: more than 1 MWp of Solar PV and Thermal installations will emerge in Latvia, which should give strong initial confidence for Solar industry development in Latvia. The Conference was also attended by representatives from several regional municipalities (Skrunda, Liepāja), Latvian Solar Association, the Ministry of Economics, some university students, industry professionals (Eko Evolutions) and others. Conference had a wide public coverage, including LTV7, TV Dzintare,, and others.