On 14 December Solar Energy Think Tank, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in cooperation with Klaipeda Municipality organised a seminar in Klaipeda University for students, professors, and industry professionals. The Opening speech in the Seminar was delivered by the Major of Klaipeda city. The key speaker Mr.Robertas Urbanavicius from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University gave an impressive visual presentation of first Solar PV park 154 kWp in Lithuania, and first large scale Solar Thermal installations, which make Lithuania TOP 1 in the Baltics with the installed Solar energy capacity as for 31 Dec 2011.

SETT held meeting with Swedish Solar Energy Association in Stockholm. Professor Jan Olaf Dalenback described the existing political environment for Solar PV in Sweden, lessons learned from Investment subsidy program and strong support for Danish success story of Net metering system. Although the average prices for PV installations continue droping down to 3'000 EUR/kWp, investment support is playing the vital role for residential and municipal projects in 2011 and 2012. More information about SSEA:
SETT visited Uppsala University and met with Professor Uwe Zimmermann at Angstrom Laboratory, who is the leading researcher in Thin-Film cell research in Sweden. University laboratory is conducting research in increased Thin-film cell efficiency, has boosted Solar cell Start-up manufacturer Selibro AB, that launched a 30 MWp factory and are compiling National Statistics in Solar PV industry for Swedish Energy Agency and IEA PVPS. More information about Angstrom Laboratory:
SETT visited Swedish Energy Agency that is the Policy implementation institution for Solar technologies in Sweden. Mr.Linus Palmblad, Program Manager described the existing trends of Solar PV technologies in Sweden, effect of Green Electricity Certificate system, industry lobby towards Net metering system and 7 years Solar PV Investment subsidy program and its results. In 2011, Solar PV in Sweden have passed 10 MWp installed capacity. More about SEA:
SETT held meeting with one of the world's leading manufacturer of Solar PV modules - First Solar. Ms.Nadine Bethge presented their strategy towards Solar PV installations in Community envirnment, large Solar parks in Northern Germany with similar irradiation as in Baltcs, as well as the goal for continuously driving down the cost of solar cells to 0,55 EUR/wp in 2012. Special attention was given to Solar cell recycling program and Plant in Germany, which has been subject to intense debates in Europe. More about First Solar: