SETT spent a full day at Adlerhof Innovation park, which is home to more than 20 Solar PV manufacturers and research centers. It was a unique opportunity to visit and experience innovative Solar PV installations and show-cases of most available technologies, engineering solutions, combi and hybrid systems. Dr.Sc Frank Lauterback organised a site-visit to several companies and building roof-tops, which clearly emphasised the future potential of Building-integrated Solar PV systems. More information about Adlerhof Technology park:
SETT had individual meetings with EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) and ESTIF (European Solar Thermal Industry Association) in Brussels. The Deputy Secretary General of ESTIF Mr.Pedro Dias described the main challanges and trends of Solar Thermal industry in Europe. Ms.Marie Latour, National Policy Advisor for EPIA advised on Net Metering as potential National support mechanism for Baltic countries, as well as described the shortcomings of Green Electricity Certificate for Solar PV and lessons learned. More about EPIA and ESTIF you can find here:
SETT visisted Renewable Energy House in Brussels and met with Secretary General. The Organisation is the headquarters of EREC and focal point for renewable energiy issues in the EU capital. It hosts more than 15 industry associations, employes more than 100 staff, and attracts more than 20'000 visitors every year. Moreover, it serves as a show-case of innovative reneable technologies in an urban envirnment, including Solar PV building-integrated panels in semi-transparent solution for windows, walls, roof-tops. More information on:
SETT visited Southern Estonia, where the first Estonian Industrial Solar Park of 100 kWp capacity is under construction. The pilot park of OU Energy Smart will use tracker systems to generate Solar electricity, which will be fed into the Grid. The park will be partly funded by the KIK environmental fund and EKNA - Estonian Climate and Energy Agency, supported by Tallinn Technical University. The owners of the Project posess know-how of Solar PV parks in Australia and plan to launch the project in 2012. You can find more information about the Project here:
SETT visited Tallinn and met with the owner and initiator of the oldest and largest Solar Thermal installation for a residential 9-storied building in Tallinn. Solar Thermal vacum tube system provides hot water for the residents of the building and has successfully worked for 3 years. What was initially planned as an 8 year investment will reach its pay-back in the next 4 years. The project is considered by SETT researchers a success story of a Solar thermal central heating system in Baltics.