With 20 kWp overall installed PV capacity in Latvia, a private household installation of 3,4 kWp Grid-connected project in Ādaži ranks the largest residential roof-top installation in Latvia in 2011. SETT paid special focus to understand the installation challanges and engineering experiences for residential roof-top solutions, what is considered to be the main market for Solar PV potential in Latvia.
During a meeting with SIA Kvēle in Bauska region Mr.Karpovičs shared his experience with Solar PV installation as well as the plans for the first Solar PV park in Latvia. SIA Kvēle holds presently the largest quota for Solar photovoltaic installation with an approaved Feed-in tariff. SIA Kvēle also provide consultations, engineering and installation services for Solar PV projects. More information and contacts can be found on the Company website:
SETT visit Solar PV test installation in Western part of Lithuania, in Klaipeda region. The owner of the Solar park has installed different PV technologies, including monocrystalline, policrystalline and thin-film panels with and without trackers, as well as 10 kW wind generator. During the testing period they aim to gather field data of actual electricity production and their applicability to Lithuanian climate conditions. Before the visit snow was heavily snowing, and some of the panels were covered in snow, yet some of them were still generating electricity output.
SETT visit the largest Photovoltaic Laboratory in Lithuania - Precizika Met SC, which has launched the first solar cell production line in its Industrial Laboratory in Vilnius. Scientific research laboratory focuses in monocrystalline silicon solar cell process technology and implementation in mass-production. The company aim to establish industrial production facility with 60 MWp production capacity. Presently the company is the only Industrial research center for photovoltaics in the Baltic states. Visit the company website for more information:
SETT researchers participated in the largest exhibition for Renewable energy in UK on 1-3 March 2011. Fair attracted over 41'000 visitors, and focused on Solar PV and Solar Thermal installations, energy efficiency and policy trends in UK. The main challanges for RES market in UK includes raising know-how for installation companies and designing most effective support measures, including investment subsidies, Renewable Heat initiative and loan programs for residential and public buildings in order to reach EU targets for 2020 and 2050. Next Ecobuild exhibition will be heald in London on 20-22 March 2012. More information to be found on the official website: