Event calendar

28.11.2011 10:00

Meeting at Danish Technical University

Meeting at Danish Technical University, Associate professor Simon Furbo,

leading researcher for Solar Heating, Disctrict heating solutions

29.11.2011 11:00

Meeting at Danish Energy Agency

Meeting at Danish Energy Agency, Ph.D.Rasmus Soerensen
leading researcher for Reweable energy policy in Denmark

29.11.2011 15:00

Meeting at Solar City Copenhagen

Meeting with Solar City Copenhagen, Ms.Karin Kappel,
Project Manager for Building Integrated Solar Modules, Architect

29.11.2011 16:00

Meeting with Energy Wise

Meeting with Energy Wise, Solar Thermal and PV module engineering company
Mr.Mads Aarup, Founder of the Company

30.11.2011 10:00

Meeting with Solar Region Skåne

Meeting with Solar Region Skåne

Nordenskiöldsgatan 17, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden

30.11.2011 15:00

Meeting with Gaia Solar

Meeting with Gaia Solar, Solar BIPV module manufacturer
Mr.Dennis Aaro, Founder and Managing Director

01.12.2011 10:00

Meeting with Swedish Energy Agency

Meeting with Swedish Energy Agency, National Renewable Policy development institution in Sweden,
Mr.Linus Palmblad, Programme Manager for Solar PV program in Sweden

01.12.2011 13:00

Meeting with Swedish Solar Energy Association

Meeting with Swedish Solar Energy Association, comprising of 80 industry members in Sweden
professor Jan Olof Dalenback, Member of Board of Association

01.12.2011 14:00

Meeting with Energibanken AB

Meeting with Energibanken AB, Solar PV engineering and Consultancy company,
involved in major Public PV installations in Sweden,
Mr.Johan Arleback, engineer, co-owner

01.12.2011 16:00

Meeting at Uppsala University

Meeting at Uppsala University, Angstrom Laboratory,
leading Solar PV research institution in Sweden,
Professor Uwe Zimmermann, leading researcher in CIGS efficiency studies