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New Solar Cell

30.06.2011 12:07 2 Comments
New Solar Cell

In a paper published in Nature Photonics, U of T Engineering researchers report a new solar cell that may pave the way to inexpensive coatings that efficiently convert the sun's rays to electricity.

The U of T researchers, led by Professor Ted Sargent, report the first efficient tandem solar cell based on colloidal quantum dots (CQD). "The U of T device is a stack of two light-absorbing layers -- one tuned to capture the sun's visible rays, the other engineered to harvest the half of the sun's power that lies in the infrared," said lead author Dr. Xihua Wang.

An old church building uses solar panels to reduce electricity costs

A strong, faithful congregation isn't the only thing powering the 58-year-old Faith Lutheran Church in Inglewood. A 26.6-kilowatt solar installation is now producing a majority of the church's electrical power.

The installation is made up of 144 solar panels placed on 2,500 square feet of the church's concrete roof. Installed in 2008 by California Green Designs, the church has since saved a minimum of $500 to $600 per month in energy costs.